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The theme park of life

Who needs theme parks when you have life. Life’s roller coasters are far more thrilling then any theme park ride. Sure you don’t get the physical strain of holding on for dear life but the mental strain is far more exciting and there is much more at stake then just your lunch on life’s rollercoaster. The many hills and valleys and then that nice smooth stretch before the twisted upside down spiral loop, and the most turbulent part of the ride is love. Love is full of twist and sharp turns and just sudden stops. It can be the most wonderful experience of your life but it can also be the most tragic. There have been more deaths on that part of the ride then any other. If you don’t hold through the ruff spots and really enjoy the calms you are probably going to fall out of the car. What makes love so dangerous is that you are not alone. During that part of the ride you link up with someone else and if they aren’t holding on tight enough and they fall out, they may take you with them. But if you see they are losing there grip you can take a chance and hold them in the car, it may cause you to lose your grip to but then again it might not. If you and your partner are able to hold though love then your cars will remained joined for the remainder of the ride. Of course after you survive love the first time the rest of the ride can be kind of boring so many will try love again and again just for the thrill of it. Those people also have the ability to get up and get back in the ride when they fall out. They may have some bumps and burses but rarely is it fatal for them. The point I am getting at is I’m one of those that enjoys the thrill of love and have fallen out of the car a few times. I have even tried linking up with more then one at a time and that is very interesting. Though I’m not the lead of that group I am a part of it and its been hell some times but those calms are just that much more enjoyable with more people. And anyone who says the ride wasn’t designed that way needs to learn to try new things every now and then. In my mind the ride is designed to be flexible, that way not every one has the same ride and it’s different every time to try it.

An analogy from Kaman

Kaman Coyote
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