India (indiadawn) wrote in love_addicts,

Welcome to the last day of the rest of your love life

Lately, I have been having to deal with the fact that I can love unconditionally, even though the person who I am linked to in that way wants nothing to do with the emotions of love. At one point in time they expressed that they loved me too, but now its like they are hiding from their true feelings to avoid dealing with reality.

This community is a place for me to be able to express my journey through this, as well as to allow others to commence or continue their own journey of similar proportions.

They say life sucks, but I would say loving sucks harder. So how do you cope?
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I realized I was completely capable of loving more then one person at a time without having to act on those feelings. It's never easy.
the question is how do you refrain from acting on it? Even not acting on it can be an action.
What's tough is loving someone and knowing they don't feel the same about you.
that is very true, though I would say what is tougher than that is having mutual love, but not being able to express it due to social and religious stigmas, but then again, if they cant express because of that maybe it isnt really love.
I would reply that recognizing repressive social and religious stigmas is the first step in breaking the chains that hold us back from love-- and the chains are breakable because, ultimately, they are restraints of our own design.
I understand that statement all too well.
Ive learned that I happen to always fall "in love" with a peson who is unnatainable or very far from being who I want it to be. Or I love someone who causes me pain. I am going insane about this. I love the rush feeling it gives me. I think is like a high feeling that I have a difficulty letting to. Has anyone felt this way?