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Feel free to make your own posts and thoughts

I hope everyone will eventually start posting thier own thoughts on the subject.

Here is a starter for people to think on taken from a reply to one of my comments.

Do you believe that polyamory is possible and if so what "issues" have you had to deal with to work through your own feelings on it?

Please note that if you are not a member of the community you cannot reply. I am debating making this whole community "friends only" meaning you have to be a member to read or respond. Currently it is only members that can respond, but anyone can read.
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I think part of the problem people have with the concept of "loving more" is environment: we're conditioned from childhood that there are certain people you love, and there are certain people you don't love. You love your family, but not that trailer trash across the street. Root for our team, hate the other guys. Love the police, hate criminals. Love our country, hate them damn ferriners. It's the whole Us vs. Them mentality that politicians use all the time to take advantage of us.

I think that's what holds people back from polyamory: they have to confront and go beyond the pre-conceived notion that I can love this person but not that person over there. It can be a tough barrier to get past... but it's possible.
Yes I believe it is possible but the issues are complicated, I want to just say that anything is possible if you want it bad enought but there is lots more involved. First you have to deal with the fact that all humans are inharently jealous. While you may love several people, they may not love each other. There is also the issue of equality. Do you love this person more then that one. If so does this make that other person less valuble then the others. Its just a lot of crap like that you have to deal with but if you can deal with you can have greatest love of your life. My point of view on it.